Smart Multimedia 2021 has an open Call for Special Sessions. Each Special Session is dedicated to a specific research topic and consists of three to four papers submitted by invited authors. If interested in submitting a Special Session proposal based on the work of your group or colleagues, please follow the instructions below. Special Session papers will be included in the Smart Multimedia 2021 conference proceedings book.

To submit a Special Session proposal, please email the Special Sessions chair, Troy McDaniel, at, with the following information:

  • An abstract describing the specific topic of your Special Session, and why it is important.

  • A list of three to four authors you wish to invite to submit papers to your Special Session. It is acceptable for the proposer to be a co-author on all of his or her Special Session papers.

  • The proposer’s Curriculum Vitae

The deadline to propose a Special Session is July 15, 2021. Proposals must be received on or before this date. Due to a limited amount of space in the conference program, six or less Special Session proposals will be accepted (once the limit is reached, this page will be updated accordingly). All Special Session proposals will be peer-reviewed (non-blind) by the Special Sessions chair and co-chair. Decisions will be sent to proposers no later than July 20, 2021. Upon acceptance, proposers will be given further guidelines.