1. Title: “Smart Multimedia in the Multiverse”

Abdelmotaleb El-Saddik


University of Ottawa, and MBZUAI


2. Title: "Smart HCI in Industry and Medicine."

Margarita Anastassova

Head of Ambient and Sensorial Interface Laboratory


Dr. Margarita Anastassova is Head of the Sensory and Ambient Interfaces Laboratory (SAIL). She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics from Paris Descartes University and, for 20 years, she has been extensively working in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and innovative technologies. Her main research interests lie in the field of human factors (usability, utility, accessibility) of emerging technologies such as haptic and tactile interfaces, mobile systems, virtual and augmented reality with applications in healthcare, automotive and manufacturing.


3. Title: “Haptics as a first-order media: current states and challenges ahead”

Eric Vezzoli

Razer Inc.

Associate Director, Haptics | GM Interhaptics