Paper Submission and Author Guidelines

Regular, Short/Industrial, Special Session & Late Breaking papers:

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Special Session Submission Code
Haptics and Applications 23fkb
Smart Image Processing on High-Fidelity Sensing and Display System 911vm
Smart Multimedia Beyond the Visible Spectrum h6jpn
Smart Multimedia for Citizen-Centered Smart Living 9hy14
Sensing, Smart, Sustainable and Social Products (S4 Products) for Smart Homes. p35ui
Special Session on 3D Perception and Applications 3pr5b

In the web page that appears after clicking on the above link, please click "Submit a contribution to ICSM 2019" on the right side of the page. In the table at the bottom of the new page, there is a row for Late Breaking Paper. Please click the "submit" hyperlink next to it, and follow the steps to submit your paper. You will need a PIN to make the submission. If you don't have one yet, please click "PIN" at the top of the page and create one.

Please note that ICSM 2019 follows the single-blind review system, so you should include author names and their affiliations in the initial manuscript submitted for review, like the Springer LNCS template samplepaper.pdf

Download LaTeX2e Proceedings Templates (zip)

Download Microsoft Word Proceedings Templates (zip)

Download Microsoft Word 2003 Proceedings Templates (zip, 229kb)

Download Extended Abstract Templates (zip)

Springer’s proceedings LaTeX templates are available in Overleaf 

Authors should consult Springer’s authors’ guidelines and use their proceedings templates, either for LaTeX or for Word, for the preparation of their papers. Springer encourages authors to include their ORCIDs in their papers. In addition, the corresponding author of each paper, acting on behalf of all of the authors of that paper, must complete and sign a Consent-to-Publish form. The corresponding author signing the copyright form should match the corresponding author marked on the paper. Once the files have been sent to Springer, changes relating to the authorship of the papers cannot be made.

Authors have the option to submit an extended abstract for review.

For Regular Papers:
3-4 pages in the Conference Submission format including:
    1. Summary of Contributions
    2. Brief Background on State-of-the-Art
    3. Summary of New Technical/Theoretical Improvements
    4. Preliminary Results
    5. List of References

For Special Session, Short/Industrial Papers:
2-3 pages in the Conference Submission format including:
    1. Summary of Contributions
    2. Brief Background on State-of-the-Art
    3. Summary of Improvements
    4. Preliminary Results
    5. List of References

Authors should read carefully and abide by the following points when submitting full version paper:

1. Manuscripts should be uploaded ONLY through the above link. Manuscripts sent as e-mail attachments to organizers would not be considered. In case of any issues during manuscript upload, the submitter should send an e-mail to describing the problem along with screenshot(s) well before the submission deadline.

2. The manuscript should have the standard essential elements including: Title (including author names, affiliations and e-mail IDs), Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Related Works, Proposed Method, Results & Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements (if any) and References. Detailed author guidelines for Springer LNCS may be found Here.

3. Length of Regular paper (for both Oral and Poster): 10-12 pages including References.
Length of Short/Industrial paper: 6-10 pages including References.

4. Length of Abstract: Maximum 1900 characters (including spaces, punctuation, etc.)

5. Number of Keywords: Maximum 5 keywords.

6. Maximum Size of Manuscript PDF file: 10 MB [ The manuscript must be submitted for review as a single PDF file ]

7. Supplementary materials (if any) not exceeding 20 MB per manuscript may be uploaded along with the manuscript, but the reviewers may or may not refer to them. Authors planning to put extended proofs / derivations in supplementary material should note this. Authors planning to put videos or other multimedia material should note the file size limit.
Also, the following additional restrictions apply to videos, as imposed by Springer LNCS:
Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 4:3
Minimum duration: 1 second
Formats supported: avi, wmv, mp4, mov, m2p, mp2, mpg, mpeg, flv, mxf, mts, m4v, 3gp
Authors must not violate privacy and confidentiality rules and, as always, permission must be sought for use of third-party content.

8. For papers that are reviewed and accepted, the corresponding author, also on behalf of the co-authors, must physically sign (not digital signature) the LNCS Copyright Form **: Click Here for LNCS Copyright Form
The Copyright Form has to be signed by the corresponding author on behalf of all other authors (after seeking their permission) and submitted only for accepted papers, i.e. when the authors upload their final files/papers, and not while submitting initial manuscripts for review.
As per the Springer LNCS Author Guidelines link mentioned earlier, Digital Signatures are NOT acceptable. The corresponding author must print, sign and scan the filled form.
The Copyright From covers all legal aspects between the authors and the publisher.

** An open access option for accepted papers is being considered. The Gold Open Access fee may be around Euro 200 for 10 pages in Springer Format with the conference covering part of the cost. Also, in that case, the CC-BY Copyright Form should be used: Click Here for CC-BY Copyright Form
Accurate details will be released via conference website once the arrangements are finalized.