Visual Behavior Analysis: Methods and Applications

Invited Talk:

3D visual behavior analysis of human hand and animals from depth cameras by Li Cheng


Recent advancement of depth cameras has opened door to many interesting applications. In this
talk, I will discuss our research efforts toward addressing the related tasks of pose estimation,
tracking, action and behavior analysis of a range of articulated objects including human and lab
animals from such 3D cameras. In particular, I will talk about our recent Lie group based
approach that enables us to tackle these problems under a unified framework. Looking forward,
the results could be applied to everyday life scenarios such as natural user interface, behavior
analysis and surveillance, gaming, among others. More details can be found at https://web.bii.a- X.html.

Invited Speaker: 


Li CHENG is a Principal Investigator in BII, A*STAR, Singapore, where he heads the machine
learning for biomedical image analysis group. Prior to joining BII, He worked at the Statistical
Machine Learning group of NICTA, Australia, TTI-Chicago, USA, and University of Alberta,
Canada, where he obtained his Department of Computing Science in 2004. His research
expertise is mainly on computer vision and machine learning.