Special Session Proposal and Paper Submission

Follow the steps below to upload your special session proposals and invite your students/colleagues to submit their papers.

1. Organizers should upload proposals using the link. The submission process is exactly like a normal paper (link). Organizers / contributors have to click on the "Submit a contribution to ICSM 2018" link on that page.

2. Once a proposal is submitted, special session chair should approve it.

3. Once a proposal is approved, a unique code is generated. Just let me know if you can't get the code since I can send you the codes for all submitted (approved) proposals.

4. Each organizers can invite his students / friends / colleagues to submit papers to his special session by sending them that code. During submission of a special session paper, the author will be asked to enter that code. This, way all submissions to a particular session are tied to that session using the code which the authors specify while submitting their special session paper.

Special Session Unique Code

Code Title
3ccqk Adaptive Dithering using Curved Markov-Gaussian Noise in the Quantized Domain for Mapping SDR to HDR Image
d5cu8 Visual Behavior Analysis: Methods and Applications
y23t9 Person-Centered Smart Multimedia: Serving People with Disabilities to the General Population