Smart Social and Connected Household Products  

Invited Talk: Gamification and Artificial Intelligence for designing and improving Smart, Social and Connected Products (SSCP)  

AbstractThis talk will discuss how gamification and artificial intelligence can be combined and deployed for designing and improving smart, social and connected products in households. Since artificial intelligence is one of the most powerful tools to model and to control systems in households as well as gamification that is able to engage consumers to motive them to learn and to use the products incorrect way. On the other hand, social products have to communicate with consumers and another social product to create a social community of products for incrementing the performance and comfort of consumers. However, this communication is limited and the social products have extremely social limitations for understanding users. Hence, users do not adopt and use social and smart products as it is required.

Dr. Pedro Ponce Cruz

Pedro Ponce Cruz studied Automation and Control Systems. His Master and Ph.D. degree were done in Electrical Engineering (control systems). Although Pedro has been working on electric systems, robots, signal processing, machine learning, control systems, power electronics, and advanced intelligent systems. On the other hand, Pedro gained industrial experience from several international companies. Pedro worked as a field and design engineer for more than 14 years in automation and control systems. 
In 2002, He joined as a professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de Mexico. From 2006 to 2014 He was the Director of the graduate program of Science in Engineering at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de Mexico. Besides, He has been an advisor from several international industries for 15 years. In addition, He is a senior researcher at Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de Mexico.